“Sydney is uniquely able to guide groups toward their collective goals, while recognizing and building upon goals of individual members. I would recommend her to any organization seeking to increase productivity, improve corporate culture, and/or break down organizational siloes!”
-Alison Y
“Sydney is highly accomplished in her field, and among the best group facilitators I have encountered. She brings to bear a wealth of best practice tools and techniques, applied personally and expertly with cross-functional and complex audiences.”

“Just recently I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Sydney Davis in action and she did not disappoint!  We hired Sydney to work with our 8th grade peer leaders for a day-long leadership training and not only did the students walk away with a renewed sense of self-confidence and empowerment, but the adults left the conference equally as inspired!    Throughout the day Sydney challenged the students with the perfect balance of enjoyable and thought-provoking games – each one with a definite, clear purpose.  Once each activity was complete, Sydney brought the group together and engaged them in the debriefing process.  Sydney did this with a sense of warmth, patience and ease at she encouraged the students to discover the meaning of not only the final result of each task, but the importance of the process.  It was clearly evident the amount of time that she devoted to preparing for this event and for her passion for helping others create an individual and shared vision.   After the event I had several students comment that this leadership day was one of the most powerful experiences that they had in middle school.  I highly recommend Sydney Davis as an individual motivator and group facilitator. ”

– Beth G, Black River Middle School

“Sydney is a natural coach.  She is intuitive, creative, and supportive.  She demonstrates a remarkable talent for using her coaching skills and instincts to guide her clients in achieving their goals.  She is focused solely on her client, success-oriented, and light-hearted—a great balance for a career and Life Purpose coach.”    -Diana E

“I came to Sydney for help in transitioning from a career I was no longer satisfied with to a lifelong dream of returning to school to obtain a graduate degree. Sydney provided the expert knowledge to focus my many interests and help me find the common thread of my passions. In addition, Sydney is a very warm, trustworthy, and empowering individual, important attributes in making anyone feel comfortable in what can be a very vulnerable time. I would recommend Sydney’s services as a life and transition coach to anyone seeking direction or change in any aspect of their life. She will challenge and support you at an all out effort to help you realize your goals.”    – Olga A

“When I met Sydney, I felt like I was all over the place.  Kids, my own business, triathlon training, volunteer work.  Sydney helped me accept that I am not “scattered,” and that my various interests and commitments were truly something that make me feel fulfilled.  She helped me to prioritize my tasks by creating long- and short-term plans and together we set realistic weekly goals.  I now am more able to live in the moment and feel relaxed, while actually getting more done.  Sydney’s coaching style is exactly what I need to stay focused and motivated, as she is warm and understanding, but at the same time holds me accountable.”  -Susanne H

“Life coaching sessions with Sydney is the one of the best gifts you could give yourself or someone you love. My life has changed in the most wonderful and unexpected ways since I’ve started working with her. Sydney has helped to enable me to make changes in areas of my life (both big and small) that I’ve wanted to tackle but avoided out of fear, habit or laziness. She is a thoughtful, creative, motivating coach and I’m incredibly grateful to have her support, encouragement and insight.”    -Katie D

“I came to work with Sydney at a huge crossroads in my career.  I had worked in the same place for over 13 years and now found myself out of a job and interested in starting my own business.  I knew what I wanted to do but lacked the confidence and focus to start all over.  I was blindly applying to jobs I knew I did not want when I started to work with Sydney.  She helped me focus on what it is I really wanted to do which allowed me to find the confidence in myself to move forward.  Her compassion and support made it possible for me to move closer to my career aspirations.” – Cara M

“Although I’ve known Sydney for many years, it was only recently that I had the opportunity to work with her. She is a natural life coach, using her experience and intuition to draw out the most relevant questions for each of her clients, including me! Rather than leading the way, Sydney provided techniques and tools that helped me find my own way forward. It was an enlightening experience I will surely re-visit as my life journey continues.”    – Janet V