What is a Coach?

The ultimate journey in self-exploration and a chance to learn more about yourself and your most authentic life you’d like to be living.  Get heard so you know what you are saying and what you want….In every aspect of your life – relationships, career, health, or transition.

A coach is a professional who supports, empowers, and challenges individuals to help them realize their personal or professional goals. The coaching relationship is a partnership relying on a high level of trust and connection between coach and client. The coach helps the client clarify their own agenda and supports them in creating and following through on a strategy to achieve their goals.

Coaches may help clients:

•   Create a more balanced and fulfilling life.
•   Design a meaningful career path.
•   Discover their life purpose and create a life and career that expresses it.
•   Clarify personal and professional goals.
•   Develop and follow through on a plan of action.
•   Overcome a block that’s stopping them from achieving their goals.
•   Enhance their personal and professional relationships.
•   Clarify priorities and how to best use time and energy.
•   Cope more effectively with change.
•   Stay focused.
•   Integrate spirituality into their daily lives.


If you are interested in individual life coaching, your first session is FREE OF CHARGE to see if the process is right for you at this time.  We will discuss your goals and what you may expect from the process.  If you are interested in coaching, we would work together at a time convenient for you either in person or by telephone.  Life rewards action, take this important step and call Sydney today – (862) 223-9054