Leadership & Executive Coaching – Sydney works with leaders to inspire confidence, executive presence, goal-setting and vision.  Through interviewing and “picture taking” of the present day culture, companies can receive feedback about how to make critical changes in the workplace to improve culture, relations and ultimately their bottom line.  A specific road map to success is co-created with leaders and coach to develop a strategy that gets results and maximizes change with impact.

Onsite  – Small, customized workshops designed to improve communication, awareness and relationships in the workplace.  Topics include:

Communication: What’s my Style and how to improve delivering and receiving messages.
Assertiveness: Saying What We Mean without Being Mean.
Managing Stress: Shift Moves to improve functioning, attitude and response to stress

Offsite – Customized facilitation towards a common goal: team building, establishing group norms, improving healthier communication, conflict resolution.


“Sydney is uniquely able to guide groups toward their collective goals, while recognizing and building upon goals of individual members. I would recommend her to any organization seeking to increase productivity, improve corporate culture, and/or break down organizational siloes!”

“Sydney is highly accomplished in her field, and among the best group facilitators I have encountered. She brings to bear a wealth of best practice tools and techniques, applied personally and expertly with cross-functional and complex audiences.”