Plum Blossom Courage

Plum Blossom Courage

(excerpt taken from two wise teachers, Gay & Katie Hendricks and their book “The Conscious Heart”)

Sometimes relationship learning does not come easily or without a tremendous amount of pain. At any given moment, the choice always placed before us is to open ourselves up to love and learning or withdraw from it. The more gentle, honest and committed we are with loving ourselves the more whole we may feel with loving others. Some of the most valuable learning imaginable occurs when committed people in relationship continue to allow for new discoveries and lead with appreciation.

“Zen masters speak of the development of plum- blossom courage. The plum blossom appears soft and glowing, even when winter winds still blow. It knows, deep in its essence, that spring is almost

here, even without outside agreement. The plum blossom symbolizes the resilience of the human spirit, its ability to open again to love and to go forward into another opportunity for celebration.
In close relationships, we gradually develop plum- blossom courage through coming back, time and again to fundamental skills like telling the truth, taking responsibility, and holding ourselves and our significant others in a space of loving acceptance.

There is no better place to practice all this than right where we are, every moment of every day: in relationship with our own hearts and souls, and with the hearts and souls of people around us. This with the hearts and souls of people around us. This “Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste is why close relationships open the conscious heart.”

Come explore in a group or workshop this fall all of the possibilities to deepen your plum-blossom courage. Sharpen your skills for truth telling, taking responsibility and move towards greater self awareness & acceptance.

Sincerely, Sydney