“Q.T with the Fam-i-ly”

As I speak with parents and lead workshops on “Encouragement”, I am increasingly fascinated by creative ways other parents engage their kids in sharing or spending quality time together.  As we launch into summer and will all be with our kids or ourselves more, I’d love for this FIRST ever blog to be a forum where folks share ideas for how you are ENJOYING your kids this summer?  At the dinner table last night, I created a game called “hot seat” (I have a teen daughter who is quite reluctant to give up any details of her life these days…).  We take turns being the person in the “hot seat” who is asked any question by each of the other family members.   It gave me great insight as to what my kids are curious about with everyone else (hello sex education! “No, a “g string” is not part of a tampon nor a type of birth control!) AND allowed me to ask questions to them on a deeper more thought-provoking level…..all while having FUN!  If you aren’t a parent, what do you remember from your childhood as being a meaningful activity, ritual or way of spending time together? Do tell!  “When children live with acceptance and friendship, they learn to find love in the world.” (Anonymous)